Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kids' Blue Ice Beanie

Kids' Blue Ice Beanie. Taken while my husband was removing a certain
scratchy jammy tag.

Why did I name this hat the Blue Ice Beanie? Well, definitely not because I was inspired by one of the singles off of indie pop group Shout Out Louds' 2013 release. Whatever I named it for, however, I knit the toddler version of this hat with the yarn I had left over from the Little Bowknot Hat, and it's another medium-weight, springy hat. I also recommend that you knit it on smaller needles than I did if you've got a one-year-old in mind (I knit the toddler version on size 7s, and you could probably go down to size 4 - 5 for a 1-year-old, gauging down your ribbed band as well). Anyway, let's get started!

Sizes: Toddler (Youth) - Toddler is roughly ages 1 - 3, and Youth is roughly ages 4 - 10
A clearer picture of the pattern.

Yarn: Plymouth Yarn VITA (85% Recycled Cotton, 15% Recycled Cashmere; 136 yards [124 meters]/50 grams); #120 Blue Mist (color A) - one skein & Plymouth Yarn Grass (65% Cotton, 35% Hemp; 115 yards [105 meters]/50 grams); #9088 Multi (color B)

Needles: one 16" circular needle in size 5, one 16" circular needle in size 7, one set of double-pointed needles (dpns), also in size 7

Notions: Tapestry needle, stitch marker

Gauge: 20 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette on size 7 needles

And now that we've gotten the details out of the way, let's get to the pattern. Using color A and your size 5 circular needle, cast on 90 (96) stitches loosely, place marker, and join in round. Knit 3/4" (1 1/2") in a k1, p1 ribbing and then switch to your size 7 needle and knit one row around. And then it's time to begin the main pattern, which goes like so:

Row 1: using color B, knit

Row 2: using color A, knit

Row 3: using color B, knit

Row 4: using color A, * k1, insert needle into front of next stitch 3 rows below and draw it up in a loop (so the stitch you're using will be color B); slip loop onto left-hand needle and knit it together with next stitch; k4 *

Row 5: using color A, knit

Rows 6 - 10: using color B, knit

Rows 11 & 12 : using color A, knit

Row 13: using color B, knit

Row 14: using color A, knit

Row 15: using color B, knit

Row 16: using color A, * k4, insert needle into front of next stitch 3 rows below and draw it up in a loop (so the stitch you're using will be color B); slip loop onto left-hand needle and knit it together with next stitch; k1 *

Rows 17 - 24: repeat rows 5 - 12

Knit rows 1 - 24 once through, and then knit rows 1 - 5 one more time. Clip the tail of your color A yarn, since you'll be knitting with color B from here on out. And once you're done with this, we'll begin the decreases, which will begin differently for each size, but will soon become the same. So if you're knitting a toddler sized-hat, begin with these two rows:

Toddler Decrease Row 1: * k7, k2tog *

Toddler Decrease Row 2: * k6, k2tog *

And if you're knitting the youth size, begin with these two rows: 

Youth Decrease Row 1: * k6, k2tog *

Youth Decrease Row 2: knit

And here are the rest of the decrease rows, which are the same for both sizes. Also, you'll probably want to switch to your dpns right now if you're knitting the toddler size, although you might wait a row for the youth size. Either way, let's keep going!

Both Decrease Row 3: * k5, k2tog *

Row 4: * k4, k2tog *

Row 5: * k3, k2tog *

Row 6: * k2, k2tog *

Row 7: * k1, k2tog *

Rows 8 & 9: * k2tog *

Clip tail and thread through remaining 5 (6) stitches. Thread to inside of hat and knot. Tuck in ends.


  1. Is there ANY chance you have a smidgen of Grass 9088 left from your lovely hat? (I am amazed by your nonchalant designing -- I only follow patterns!)

    I literally have six rows of a ribbed cuff left to finish and I only have about 20 inches of yarn -- not enough.

    Please let me know if you can save me. (

  2. Good Morning, I have 1 Skein of Fixation Yarn by Cascade ( 98 % Cotton, 1% Spandex. I want to EASY KNIT a HAT for a 4 year old Boy who is going thru Chemo and Radiation. I am a new Knitter. Do you have patterns for 4 year old? Thanks. What size needles or stitches would I use?

    1. Hi there!

      I looked over my patterns and I have two dk weight ones that would work (which is the same weight as your Fixation yarn). The easier of the two is the Build-Your-Own DK-weight Hat, here: With this one, however, you won't want to make the brim roll back since you only have 50 grams of yarn. If you make it, you'll want to half the length of the ribbing.

      The other one is the Inside Outside Hat, here:

      Both of those hats are knit in the round, however - if you're looking for a flat-knit hat I think the Nom Nom Garter Hat would be a good choice - you can just skip the colors, and I have modifications written for a child size in the comments.

      Let me know if you have any more questions! :)

  3. The pattern says knit each row but it looks like stocking knit, so is it knit 1row purl 1row?

    1. Hi there!

      They're all knit since it's knit in the round - that means no wrong side rows! :)

  4. Replacement yarn please. It is discontinued.

    1. Hi! You can use anything that matches the gauge... There's a Rowan yarn that's a pretty good match ( but it's a bit expensive and you're certainly not limited to it!