Saturday, May 4, 2013

Oopsie Daisy Diagonal Hat

Oopsie Daisy Diagonal Hat

Okay, so before we get any further - pretty much the only reason I made this hat was to see if I could make both the hat and the Lady Lawyer Arm Warmers with one skein of yarn.  And guess what?  It totally worked, and my children are rejoicing as we speak (that's a lie.  they're actually just yelling at me).  And besides that - well, the reason I called it the "Oopsie Daisy Diagonal Hat" was because the stitch pattern was a total accident, a cock-up if you will, since I meant to do something else.  By the time I realized it wasn't working out, though, I was too far along to care.  And I ended up liking the textured diagonals anyway, so it all worked out.  Especially the whole one-skein business.  So let's get to it

Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Fine (50% Peruvian wool, 20% Super Fine Alpaca, 30% Nylon; 433 yards [400 meters]/100 grams); #12171 Berry Pie Mix - one skein

Needles: One 16" circular needle in size 3, one set of double pointed needles (dpns), also in size 3
Close-up of the accidental pattern

Notions: Tapestry needle, stitch marker or scrap yarn

Gauge: 30 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette on size 2 needles

Using circular needle, cast on 154 stitches, place marker or scrap yarn, and join in round.  Knit 1 inch in k1, p1 ribbing.

Now it's time to begin the main pattern.  Here goes!

Row 1: * k1, yo, ssk, yo, sl1-k2tog-psso, yo, k1; rep from *

Row 2: * yo, p2, k3, p2tog *

Row 3: * k1, yo, ssk, k4 *

Row 4: same as row 2

Continue in pattern until piece measures roughly 6 inches in length, and you have just completed row 4.  Now it's time to begin the decreases!

Row 1: * k1, yo, ssk, yo, sl1-k2tog-psso, yo, k1, ssk, sl1-k2tog-psso, k2tog *

Row 2: * yo, p2, k3, p2tog, k3 *

Row 3: * k1, yo, ssk, k7 *

Row 4: * yo, p2, k3, p2tog, k3 *

You're probably going to want to switch to your dpns about now!

Row 5: * p2tog, p3tog, p2tog, k3 *

Rows 6 & 7: * p3, k3 *

Row 8: * p3, k1, k2tog *

Row 9: * p3, k2 *

Row 10: * p2tog, p1, k2 *

Row 11: * p2, k2 *

Row 12: * p2tog, k2 *

Row 13: * ssk, k1 *

Row 14: * k2tog *

Clip yarn, leaving 12 - 18 inch tail, and thread through remaining 11 stitches.  Pull tight, thread to inside of hat, and knot.  Tuck in ends.  Finally - rejoice, for you have finished.


  1. I love the look and want to make a hat and scarf set. Am I counting correcting that this is a 14 stitch repeat? When did you use the size 2 needles?
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Susan!

      The pattern is actually just a 7 stitch repeat, although the hat's decrease is a 14-stitch repeat. And I knit this hat entirely on 3s, although you could always use a 2 for the ribbing. :)

    2. Thank you. I am looking forward to making this.

    3. Wonderful! Let me know if you have any other questions. :)

  2. This hat is so beautiful. I will give it a go in few days. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad you like it! And please, let me know if you have any questions!!! :)

  3. Love this! If I use 4 weight yarn, can you give me an idea how many stitches to CO and what size needle to use? This would be a great hat for my "Homeless Bag"!!! Thx much!!!!

    1. Hi there! Glad you like the pattern! My recommendation is to cast on 99 stitches with a US 6 or 7 needle, then transfer your work to a US 8 to work the rest. Hope that helps! :)

  4. Hi, Gretchen,

    I so enjoy your lovely sense of design--the projects are not too difficult, but there's always an interesting texture and technique to your work, and the patters are so elegant!

    My question on the berry crush hat is,

    If the hat is to be knit on size 3 needles, why is the gauge given for size 2 needles? Just wondering.


    1. Hi Jeannie!

      I'm glad to hear you like my designs! :) And I know that sometimes my gauge information is a little confusing, but that's because I always put package gauge (and if the package offers multiple gauges I put the average one), unless of course I don't achieve package gauge, in which case I make additional notes. So, long story short, I put the gauge for size 2 needles on this hat because that's the average recommendation for the yarn, and I'm letting you know that I sized up the needles ever-so-slightly. I hope that makes sense!

  5. Hi Gretchen,

    I absolutely love your patterns,they are fabulous! Thank you for sharing. I'm attempting to knit your oopsie daisy hat and was wondering in your Row 1 instruction: sl1-k2tog-psso whether to slip knitwise or purlwise. Thanks!

    1. Hi there!

      Glad you're enjoying my site. :) And slip it knitwise, and let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. Hi again. Thanks for your reply. I've made a start but it doesn't look right. I wonder if I'm following the pattern correctly (sorry I'm fairly inexperienced with lace knitting). Immediately after the ribbing row do I slip ssk stitches knitwise or slip according to ribbing pattern?

    1. For the ssk the stitches should both be slipped knitwise, and one at a time. And don't worry about the ribbing row; it doesn't inform the pattern rows. Also, let me know if you have more questions!!! :)