Sunday, January 19, 2014

Heather's Hat

Heather's Hat

My sister is currently visiting for the weekend (possibly longer, if my children successfully execute their plan to lock her in the closet so she has to play with them indefinitely), so I thought I might knit her a hat. And after seeing something similar-ish out and getting inspired, I came up with this simple but very attractive slipped-stitch hat, knit in a textured cotton that I already had on hand. Furthermore, while I think you could reduce the hat's texture by blocking it (the tension of the slipped stitch stripes causes the knit-only portions to bulge), I kind of think the rippling is one of the hat's best features. Whatever you decide to do with yours, however, here's the pattern!
From ze back.

Yarn: Queensland Collection Pima Fresca (100% Pima Cotton; 145.4 yards [133 meters]/100 grams); #20 Limestone - 1 skein

Needles: One 16" circular needle in size US 8, one 16" circular needle in size US , and one set of double pointed needles (dpns), also in size US 8

Notions: tapestry needle, stitch marker

Gauge: 16 stitches = 4 inches in stockinette

Using your size 6 circular needle, cast on 96 stitches loosely, place marker, and join in round. Knit 5 rows around, and then switch to your size 8 circular needle. And now, let's start on the pattern! Also, remember to keep your yarn loose when you slip stitches; otherwise, your slipped-stitch stripes will close up.

Row 1: * slip 4 stitches with yarn in front, k8; rep from *

Row 2: knit

Knit in pattern until piece measures roughly 7" along one of the slipped stitch stripes, measuring from the natural curl of the edge rather than trying to smooth out the first couple of stitches (you'll notice that these slipped stitch stripes are also more gathered than the knit fabric between - feel free to stretch it a little, or not). Oh, and make sure you've just finished row one of the pattern. Now it's time to begin the decreases, which go as follows:

Decrease Row 1: * k3, ssk, k7 *

Row 2: * slip 4 stitches with yarn in front, k7 *

Row 3: * k3, ssk, k6 *

Row 4: * slip 4 stitches with yarn in front, k6 *

Row 5: * k3, ssk, k5 *

Row 6: * slip 4 stitches with yarn in front, k5 *

Row 7: * k1, ssk twice, k4 *

You may want to switch to your dpns about now...

Row 8: * slip 3 stitches with yarn in front, k4 *

Row 9: * ssk twice, k3 *

Row 10: * slip 2 stitches with yarn in front, k3 *

Row 11: * slip 1 stitch, ssk, pass slipped stitch over, k2 *

Row 12: * slip 2 stitches with yarn in front, k1 *

Row 13: * slip 1 stitch, ssk, pass slipped stitch over *

Clip tail, thread through remaining 8 stitches, and pull tight. Thread tail to inside of hat and knot. Tuck in ends, and place on your sister's head carefully, so as not to muss her bangs.


  1. I love ze hat. Too bad you didn't have her model it. I bet it looks really good on her.

    1. Well, I couldn't get her to put it on for awhile... but she just did and it looks great!

    2. Are the size of the needles on US or metric?

    3. Everything's in US sizing! I've been updating old patterns; I'll do this one straightaway! :)